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One good reason to join MET-ART is that for years numerous other sites tried to duplicate us, clearly without success. That by itself is an indicator of who they want to be. Almost no site is imitated as much as we are.Our strength lies in the fact that we established ourselves as the unchallenged nude site. We came this far because we build our massive archive with passion, love, and we hope, good taste; this last element is what really is missing in 99% of our imitations, and it's also what makes photographers want to be on MET-ART. We are, without a doubt, the most diverse nude site on the planet. Our photographers come from different Countries, from different backgrounds, and most of them have a distinct photographic personality. You will not find another Roy Stuart, or another Pasha, or another Slastyonoff, Murrian, and so on, anywhere else. And that makes a huge difference. MET-ART is constantly ranked as one of the best adult sites on the web, and without a doubt, we are the number one nude site. We just made the list of the 50 best websites in the World on FHM Magazine. Only 2 other adult sites were listed, but none in our category was present, beside us. This is no small achievement. MET-ART features 1000s of updates, and now is the only nude site to have exclusive LiveCams, 6 times a day, for a total of 12 hours. All the shows are free of charge, and included with the purchase of any membership.

The list of outstanding reviews of MET ART is quite vast. Unlike sites that claim to be the best of the best, but have nothing to back that claim, we are actually in the position of really proving our claims. Why do we have such outstanding ratings? Because we offer an excellent, and exclusive product, because we literally created the nude / softcore niche on the net, because our price is low, compared to the incredible amount of content that we offer, because we update 3 times a day, because our server are faster than others, because we have no download limit, or for that matter, we have no limit of any kind on the site, because we do everything with absolute passion, because we don't spam customers, because we don't trick them with false advertising, or hidden charges.

MET-ART is currently very close to the TOP500 Websites on the net (Source: ALEXA.COM). According to Alexa, the TOP500 websites are what make 75% of the internet traffic. MET-ART is visited daily by almost 1.000.000 people. According to Alexa, more than 1000 surfers, out of a million, are surfing our site. The closest site, similar to us (Actually one of the many copies), has 4, to 6 times less visitors than us.

Beside being the best softcore / nude site on the net, we're also the cheapest, and not only when compared to the amount of content. Our ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP only costs $99. That's only 27 cents / day, and allows you to view our movies, not offered in High Definition too. Our movies are also compatible with new media platform such as: IPOD, and PSP. As a matter of fact, we were the first site to offer these formats, as we were the first site to introduce high resolution photos in 2001. We're fairly confident that we're offering our customers the best product, at the best price. We can also promise you that we will never stop trying to offer more, and more at, as usual, the same price as we always did.


free photos Members series homepage livecams signup movies write us Homepage Continue The Tour

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